Pedal Harps

Camac ‘Schola’


A lesser-known model, this 46-string harp features a lovely tone, straight soundboard and mahogany finish. It was made in 2009 and comes with a velvet cover.


Lyon & Healy ‘Style 14’ – Just arrived!


A smaller pedal harp than most, this natural-finish Style 14 has 43 strings (primarily gut), compared with the usual 46 or 47 strings on a semi- or concert-grand pedal harp.

Serial# 4458-14


Camac ‘Clio’ Extended – SOLD!!


A 44-string pedal harp with an extended soundboard, mahogany finish with soundboard decals. It comes with a 3-piece transport case.

This harp is arrived this month (April 2024), new from France!


Lever Harps

SOLD!! – Salvi ‘Hermes’


40 strings with a mahogany finish. Uses Salvi Performance Levers.



Lyon & Healy ‘Prelude 38’ – NEW!!


Mahogany finish with decal on the soundboard. This harp uses L&H Performance levers, and comes with a light padded case, dust cover, and base cover!

NEW! – Camac Korrigan


36 strings, Classical tension gut. Mahogany finish.

Arrived from Camac Harps NEW!

NEW! – L&H Prelude 38

Reduced price! – $4,295

Dark Walnut finish, Limited Edition. Gold edging, Gut strings. Comes with medium padded cover.


NEW! – Camac Korrigan


38 strings, Classical tension gut. Cherry finish.

Arrived from Camac Harps NEW!

SOLD!! – Blessly Songbird

$3,850 – Reduced Price!

36 strings, cherry finish. Comes with padded case (with wheels) and extra strings!


NEW! – Camac Isolde


38 strings, Classical tension. Mahogany finish.

Arrived from Camac Harps NEW!

Camac ‘Melusine’

$2,900 – Reduced Price!

Natural-gloss finish, 36 strings with full levers. Padded case is included.


Triplett ‘Zephyr’

$599 – Reduced Price!

22-string lap harp, cherry finish.





Salvi ‘Egan’ – Just arrived!


A 38-string lever harp with a mahogany finish. It comes with a padded case in addition to a dust cover!


William Reese ‘Tuolome’


A beautiful 29-string harp with C and F levers and a cherry finish.


Camac ‘Aziliz’ – Just arrived!


A 36-string harp with carbon fiber strings and Camac levers, the Aziliz has been a bestseller for over a decade. Although it is counted as a folk harp, the Aziliz has a great sound production with a tone to match, making it a favorite of both classical and folk music lovers.

 Comes with a transport cover.



Rob Charles 29 – Available!


A lovely 29-string harp with partial levers (levers on the C, F, and B strings) and a mahogany finish. Moreover, the string tension is comparable to a classical harp!

Made by Robert Goodwin about 15 years ago.


Camac ‘Excalibur’


A 36-string harp with full levers and a mahogany finish, it comes with a padded cover as well. It is not kept in our showroom regularly, so please request an appointment if you wish to see it.


Camac Aziliz (Sample Only)


Available for order from Camac Harps.

34 strings, mahogany finish with highly figured bird’s-eye soundboard. Light tension strings with excellent sound. Comes with padded case and dust cover, plus a tuning key.

NEW!! – Lyon & Healy Prelude 38

Has 38 strings, a natural finish, and full levers. Comes with a bench.

A closer look at the birds-eye maple soundboard.



Lyon & Healy ‘Troubadour IV’


Nylon strung, 34 strings with Lyon & Healy Performance levers and an ebony finish. Comes with a canvas cover.  The Troubadour series is especially favored by new harpists due to its size and affordable price. 

Serial# 7576b36



 6″ x. 19″ base with no slip surface and inside surface.
2 straps.
12″ wheels with soft tires.
Base made of steel.
Cork padding where harp rests on cart.
Price: $375
(Please inquire for availability)

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