Consignment – SOLD!
Pedal Harp
Maker: Salvi
Strings: 47
Includes dolly and bench.
Price: $16,900

Lyon & Healy Style 15 – SOLD!



Natural finish, with brand new strings.

Serial #: 4431-15

Pedal Harps

Style 17 – Gold
Pedal Harp
Maker: Lyon & Healy
Strings: 46
Neck rebuilt, new mechanism and recently regulated. Comes with padded case.
Price: $10,500


Pedal Harp
Maker: Camac
Strings: 47
Price: $13,800

Pedal Harp
Maker: Camac
Finish: Mahogany with decal
Strings: 47
Includes padded case and soft cover
Price: $19,000


Lever Harps

Lever Harp
Maker: Camac
Strings: 34
Price: $4,900

Camac Korrigan 


38 strings, almost all are new.

Consignment. Regulated in October, 2020. Comes with padded case.

Camac ‘Isolde’



38 strings. Mahogany finish. Fitted with legs for height. Comes with padded case. Excellent condition.


No image available at this time.

Lyon and Healy Troubadour VI

Price: $3,900

3 years old; mahogany; comes with cover; and is in excellent condition.

Lyon & Healy Prelude


38 string Lever Harp

Price: $3,200

Mahogany finish

Comes with padded case and dolly.


Lap Harps

Walton “McFall”


30 string Irish harp.

The Enchanted Harp offers many different harps for sale ranging from concert grand pedal harps to Celtic, lever style, providing both brand new instruments and harp consignments. We know purchasing a harp is a big decision and we can help you navigate the options to find the perfect instrument that meets your playing style and personality. Financing is also available to turn your dream of harp ownership into a reality. Check back frequently to browse current harp inventory.

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