About Us

The Enchanted Harp for over twenty years has been the Pacific Northwest’s own Harp resource, offering a wide selection of beautiful European and American made instruments, from a variety of makers and manufacturers, making both new and previously owned instruments available to the Harp playing community, as well as a large selection of sheet music, strings, and accessories.

The Enchanted Harp had its beginning as a music studio for teaching to play the Harp and good musicianship. That is still our passion, and has been a family tradition now going on four generations of performers and teachers. As more students began to study the Harp, the need for quality instruments, music, and accessories to supply them increased, so the Enchanted Harp widened its focus and became a purveyor of fine instruments, music and accessories for music lovers everywhere.

If Enchanted Harp was closer to my home I’d probably be in there every week. Their sheet music collection is amazing and it is harp heaven for anyone who wants to try out lots of different harps.